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Why Should I get my Water

Tested ?

You can read it in the news every day, somewhere in the united states someone died or is very sick because of the water supply.

It was safe then, it was not safe.

Please think about that, it is really happening you really dont know when it will happen to you.

The only way to protect your family for sure is to have an adequate water purification system treating your water just before you drink or cook with it.

The only way to be sure is to have your water tested and become a fully informed Citizen.

Don't settle for the easy answer, the one you want to hear. People really die and get sick because they thought it couldn't happen to them or perhaps they never thought about it at all.


If you think about it, your children count on you for their well being they really have no choice in the matter.

Many times a wife will count on and trust

her husband’s judgment.


Yet many men have no interest in learning about the quality of the water their family is ingesting.

Now mind you, this is not because they don't care but because they dont want to hear another sales pitch.

Many times I hear people say things like "Ive drunk this water all my life" or " The city tests it once a year."

Folks this is a form of sales resistance,and it can leave you and your family in an incredibly vulnerable position.


water conditions change every day !


You and your family need to get all the facts from a real Professional.

With Primary Solutions Consulting you don’t need to worry about sales, just get the truth and the Knowledge.

Then you do business with whomever you wish.


Almost every day you can hear about it in the News or Newspapers, US News Today, Magazines, News week, Television.

They have even made movies based on true stories.

You have heard the stories, the nightmares.

I Knowin this day and age it’s hard to believe; but people are getting very sick and some are even dying because of something that happened to their water supply.

Or what about the slow acting stuff you find out about five years later.

Scary stuff ?

Yes but it is Real life.

If you have not heard of these modern day water issues yet, it wouldn't take much effort at all to research, you will find plenty of news articles, and some may really surprise you!



The City or Mud District who treats your water is really doing the best they can, because of the enormous amounts of water they treat there is only so much they can do, 90 % of the water they treat does not go in to your home.

It is used for Fire fighting, Industry, and in Texas, I would say for watering lawns. so they can't treat it all to the point that you would like it, for all your cooking cleaning and drinking.

They can not control what happens to the water before it gets to their water plant either, so basically they will run it through a big sand filter to filter out the big stuff then they may shock it with alum to precipitate  some of the smaller stuff, 

then they add the chemicals to kill bacteria.

Then you get this chemical soup flowing from the faucets in your home.

And Guess what ?

Health is not the only issue!


A water test by Primary Solutions Consulting is not design to scare people.

You will simply learn how affordable it really could be to have the best quality water coming out of every faucet in your home.

You will learn what different water treatment systems,

Will and Will not do.

You will learn the facts about your water and you will have peace of mind

knowing that you know what all your options are.



Is Bottle water an option?


When you take your next sip of bottled water, think about what you taste,

It’s plastic!     It’s chemicals! 


These chemicals actually leach into the water from the Plastic.

Is that Possible ?

Read this article by DR David Williams.

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